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Staying Hydrated in Warmer Months

Jun 05 2015

As we move into summer, we are at greater risk for dehydration, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke.  Small children and the elderly are often at higher risk for health complications related to heat. 

Visit the Health in Aging website, where you can find many resourceful tips regarding Hot Weather Safety Tips for Older Adults.  This includes ways to stay cool and beat the heat, and it also explains what health problems you should be looking for when temperatures rise, and ways to treat them.

Drinking plenty of water and fluids help with hydration, but there are also numerous foods that assist.  Click on this link to for 15 Foods That Help You Stay Hydrated.  You might expect foods like watermelon to be on this list, but may be surprised to find veggies like carrots and broccoli on there. 

Here in Tucson at The Villas, we schedule our walks in the morning so that our residents can get some exercise and social time in the beautiful outdoors, before the higher heat kicks in for the day.

Have a safe and fabulous summer!